[Kludge fix] Blitzen door won't close 09/08/2020

Blitzen’s henge on the left side will not contract to close.

Oh that’s an interesting gap there. I’ll be up tomorrow but if anyone else gets there first feel free to take a look.

Was just taking a look @michaelb. The sheet metal has stripped and the screws that hold the door on can’t hold.

It’ll need to be removed and repaired I think.

I’ll be by tomorrow with some screws to hold it in place. Looks like we might have this problem with all the thunders eventually.

Some sort of insert was suggested, and it’d be cool. If anyone wants to do that let me know, but nuts will be a quicker solution for me to get it back online.

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If you can measure the hole when you’re putting things back together, we can get the next size up of nutsert and repair it during a comittee day or something.

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The door is on. It’s not well aligned, but it does close. Laser is good to go.


Thanks Michael.