Kintsugi Demonstration

Are you able to provide a paid kintsugi demonstration for around 50 people on Saturday, August 17? I am hosting a seminar on conflict resolution and would like to use this technique to illustrate that something broken can be made stronger than the original.

Please call, 281-910-8308, or email [email protected]


Ron Clyde


Um, while I am not in charge of Ceramics at this time, I think it would be unlikely. Our area would look very, very crowded with 50 people standing around.

Is kintsugi the thing where you fix a broken item with metal?

@brendamvilla, @Monikat

The demonstration would be in a large room in Ft. Worth. Yes, repairing ceramics with lacquer and gold dust.

It is…and yes the comittee area wouldn’t be conducive. You would need to do it in Interactive

I would love to see this!

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We’ll have to see if anybody knows how to do it. It’s not a normal pottery discipline. Clark would be the most likely suspect, and I’d bet he’s more about making new pottery rather than repairing broken pottery. Back when this was semi-common, pottery was very valuable, and you’d rather fix something than buy new. Nowadays we just buy/make new. Gold is also much pricier…

@ronclyde – so far, of the 2 potters you’ve heard from? We don’t know a technique to do it. We have other folks, but I’m not optimistic.

Quick search shows folks are…“honoring the idea”… using modern materials and techniques such as epoxy and colorants, rather than actual lacquer and gold/silver… I’m wondering if OP (and/or any potential DMS presenters) is a purist for this inquiry…

Ron, I am out of town until the end of the week. Give me a few days to connect with Brenda and/or Clark and get back to you on the possibility. If we can make this happen I would love to. It is a fabulous technique and one that I think many would be interested in.

I’m not sure I understand if you are offering to demonstrate, or have someone who will, or asking if we could find someone to do so. Please send me all the details to my email [email protected] and I’ll get back to you early next week.

Thanks, Monika


Barring this option falling through, have you considered reaching out to any of the woodworkers who fill cracked wood with resin to repair and beautify the piece? sure its not an age old technique, but it is essentially the same concept using modern materials.

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That is an interesting idea to consider. -ron

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