Kiln Q & A Sesh with Conor Muldoon of Trinity Ceramics scheduled for 4.21.21(updated))

Send all your ‘burning’ questions (see what we did there?) to [email protected] by April 14th! Attend in person by registering via DMS Calendar here.


I don’t to officially register. I won’t know til a few hrs before if I can attend.

I don’t want to take a spot from someone that can definitely come to the talk.

Can I be a ‘drop in’ if things are going well that day and I can come up to DMS?

The spots are not filling up too quickly so I’m sure registering is fine or showing up is fine.

Make sure to send me your questions ahead of time at the [email protected]

Gosh, this is surprising considering how much dialogue has centered around the kilns and how they used in the last year. hmm…