Kiln hold question

So I am on a Facebook group (Amaco cone 5/6 exchange). They always say what come they fired to and how long their hold was. My question is, what do we do at DMS? Also, what would make you want to change from no hold to a ten minute hold? Is it just based on how the cone looks or is it something else?


As for holds – it could be a number of factors. I think I’ve read (same place – Amaco FB) that one might put a hold on in hopes that it cures the pinholing. Back when I was firing the kiln, I’d do a 5 min hold if I had any Temmoku in the kiln, because it makes the Temmoku “blend”, and look more like true temmoku as opposed to the chalky version depicted on the jar.

If we were having trouble with the kiln getting up to temp, a hold would help bring the “cooking” up. One would do that if your witness cones weren’t drooped enough to constitute the full Cone, and you didn’t want to replace the elements.

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We are currently using a 10 minute hold on cone 6 glaze fires.