Keyboard Caps in wood


So not sure if we’ve noticed but there is a key cap tester over in VCC’s display cabinet just for this project. @apparently_weird it came in a few weeks ago and sorry for the late update but I hope that it would help with what you needed?


What is a key cap tester? What quality is it testing for?


Its more for checking custom caps against standard mechanical switches and also for getting a feel for the difference between the switches. Added benefit is the caps which come with it allow for us to model it in AutoCAD so we have can prototype different materials.


IIRC, @Hardsuit made a custom keyboard (brass not wood) when DMS was still on Ladybird. He might have some tips/lessons learned.


I’m sure you’ve googled it, but in case you haven’t here:

Seems like a cnc is the way to go. I can’t imagine it being worth your time to do by hand otherwise. The bowl on top and the rounded edges along with the switch grabber (? the little plus sign underneath lol) would take FOREVER.


Hopefully there’s been some progress on this?


easiest way might be to cnc the top and route the bottom mostly hollow.
3d print the switch mount and glue it in.


I used to buy African Blackwood boards from Hibdon Hardwoods. They had boards up to 8” wide . You may still be able to get it from them but expect to pay over $100/ bd ft. This wood is on CITES list now so harder and harder to get.