Kewl Idea for a possible "Make & Take" Advanced Metal/Wood Class?

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[quote="John_Marlow, post:13, topic:17835, full:true"] Beautiful! And it clearly uses a lot of different types of skills. Well done. I'm sure she will really enjoy it.

The wood is also beautiful. What kind of wood is it?

[quote="jast, post:14, topic:17835"] :slight_smile: I'm wondering if it's left aromatic, or finished... [/quote]
[quote="gsommers, post:15, topic:17835, full:true"] @John_Marlow and @jast, I originally was going to do a cherry top but it wasn't turning out like I wanted and the scale was wrong (too thin). At 11th hour, I switched to cedar. It was a couple cedar 4x4s from Home Depot that are supposed to be fence posts! Used the band saw to make them 2X4s and I was off and running. Finish is several coats of poly to protect if a glass is left on it. (And base finish is black primer followed by a black "hammered" spray paint.) [/quote]
[quote="Owen_Soccer22, post:16, topic:17835, full:true"] Nice project. It would make for a great "make and take" advanced metal/wood class. [/quote]
[quote="gsommers, post:17, topic:17835, full:true"] Just don't make it triangular! Way too much time involved in the angles... [/quote]
[quote="jswilson64, post:18, topic:17835"] A six-month project class. I'm in! :smiley: [/quote]
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I would totally take this class!

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I’d take it as well. The wood part I’ve got down but the metal part still blows my mind. Recently started working more with metal and it’s been a struggle for sure. Lot harder to cut than wood…

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not if you have/use the right tools… :slight_smile:

Well so far I’ve tried the cold cut saw and angle grinder and both were pretty hard to get to cut, much less any semblance of straight. Plasma cutter is next up to bat I suppose.

I’ve had no trouble at all cutting any metal at the space straight.

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I imagine your success will greatly improve upon practice and all that jazz… It’s great to learn new things ~ even if they do happen to be a bit crooked or wobbly from time to time! That would be another great reason to have advanced classes, so members with years of experience can not only help the rest of us learn the proper way to use the tools; but, also offer tips and tricks that they have learned through the years… :slight_smile:

Oh I know it’s operator error but without fences and the like its just much harder. I don’t have a steady enough hand to get a straight edge with the angle grinder. Maybe the plasma cutter will be different. I’ve had the crash course on it when I took welding so I’ll just have to give it a go.