Kapex Miter Saw Down

Kapex Miter saw is not working correctly.

Laser turns on, relay clicks/ fires, but the blade does not turn.

I’m not seeing an independent fuse on the motor online.

Anyone want to tackle this? @Team_Woodshop

Hey Ian. I was looking up the symptoms online trying to see if I could figure out the problem with it and the most common answer was a burnt out motor. The kapex seems to be known for that. Supposedly the motor goes bad before the brushes even do. Hopefully the problem is smaller than that. Either way I think it needs to be sent back to festool. Mike Jury is familiar with this process. Do you know if we still have the box? Thanks. P.S. - Supposedly festool tells customers that having the wrong amperage can lead to motor failure. I don’t know if that applies here, but the receptacle it was plugged into looks a little suspect. I took a picture of it.

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:joy: I’m no expert, but we should probably replace that outlet.


I don’t know if we have a box.

Let’s send it out for repair. I’m not sure what supplies we have so I couldn’t fill out the return form.

@Andy if you want to fill it out and get it sent out, here’s the form. https://service.festoolusa.com/account/repair/

You can put my email and phone if you don’t want them contacting you.
[email protected]

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We should still have the box. The last time it went out for repair when it came back I unpacked it and the previous woodshop chair said he was saving it. It should be on the top shelf where the cutting and bread boards are stacked.

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Nah…just put one of them child proof thingy in / over the charred one and keep using the rest. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Or…got blu tape? :rofl:

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Where at DMS is this electrical outlet located so it can get replaced.

Who filed the repair order? I’ll forward the email with packing instructions

I got it packed up with the help of @jeffhess .
I followed the packing instructions on the festool owners group forum. It’s ready to go. It just needs the label printed and to be dropped off at a ups I believe. I’ll leave it in the box in the woodshop unless instructed to do otherwise.


What’s your email? I’ll send you the label

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Hey rich. It is right beneath the breaker panel next to the miter station.

click to view

[email protected]

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Thanx. I’ll replace that outlet on Monday when I come in.

Kapex has been shipped out.