Kaizen foam and lasers?

So I know polyethylene is considered a no-go material, but I have a bunch of Kaizen PE foam I’d like to cut out for tools and the Epilog website specifically lists this as an acceptable use and even gives appropriate laser parameters for their 75W laser cutter. https://www.epiloglaser.com/resources/sample-club/tool-foam-shadowing.htm

Can anyone speak to whether PE foam is an appreciably different and more manageable creature than solid polyethylene?

Calling @Team_Laser!

I would try some test cuts to be sure the adhesive on the Kaizen foam doesn’t flare up or generate lots of smoke, since it has multiple layers of adhesive.

In addition to Epilog’s recommendations, I found the reference below from Universal Laser. Looks like Polyethylene foam itself is likely safe and won’t cause issues and should cut and engrave well. The Thunders are 10.6um, for reference.



I will bring a sample with me to laser training or some other chance with an expert, so we can look at the effects. I think knowing fully how laser cutters react to Kaizen foam would be a good thing to have community knowledge of and add to the Wiki, because Kaizen foam is awesome and relatively inexpensive to get from stores like Woodcraft.


Sorry to revive an old thread. What was the success of this? I was looking at doing the exact same.

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