Just submitted! Stippling Class

Tuesday, August 6th @ 6:30 PM

This workshop is sponsored by Cutteola. We will cover traditional stippling techniques as well as using the electric stippling pens. One of the workshop attendees will win a complete pen kit to keep for themselves. If the workshop fills a second pen kit will also be donated to DMS for the drawing and painting SIG!


We have a drawing/painting SIG?

In theory. I don’t know how many teachers there are for it. I only do 2D classes now and again. Equipment would be in CA either way

I think there’s not an active sig right now since drawing/painting has been hit or miss on traction. I don’t think there’s enough collective folks or someone consistently driving the interest at one time to form a special interest group, just random flurries.

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Pretty much what I’ve seen too. I’ll mention it when its live as well, but I do lots of workshops and PD for my industry. Those partners are down to be in partnership with Dallas Makerspace workshops as well, which usually gets swag for attendees, DMS, or both…but we have to show feet to get the really good ones because they at least want some warm fuzzies PR of their own in exchange for product

Cuttelola has already said if we get a series teacher they’ll ship more for us and possibly a free ink allowance.


There is not currently a SIG for drawing/painting.

I vote for the next sig to be not in CA. :joy:

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I’m not starting it :rofl:…I just know we have the cabinet and when chatting with their rep I mentioned all the stuff we do at DMS so they offered to toss one in for it. If the workshop fills and DMS doesn’t want it I can certainly do 2x door prizes

I thought that cabinet got changed to something else. It’s been lots of water under that bridge so I could be misremembering…

No clue. If it fills I’ll check with the chairs and they can always decide to do the double down on the giveaway for the class. Its not a class I can do regularly and I don’t have personal storage for endless materials at home so door prizes make it easier lol

I’d say check with @BarkingChicken or @Edenblue on current cabinet storage.

I’m pretty sure the painting cabinet was LONG ago converted to something more active (perhaps while you were gone?).

Storage has long been at a premium so it’s a good idea to check if that’s going to be a need.

I know there’s been plans to expand cabinets slightly, but they may already have specific purpose.

Doesn’t mean it can’t be accommodated, especially for repeat classes or versatile tools, but it’s a REALLY good idea to check

It’s still labeled Drawing/Painting and contains painting stuff at the very least.

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Will do. Workshop needs to fill first, otherwise it will go to someone attending since I’m also using it to get some feet in the door

Ha, ok. That might be what I’m thinking (the cabinet has mixed use now). Sorry to muddy the waters.

I do stand by saying it’s ALWAYS a good idea to check with the powers that be (either whoever is sig leader that area or the chair folks) since adding to storage can be problematic

Don’t mind me, I’ll go back to my fiberarts now :innocent:

Electric stippling pens…

When will the worlds wonders end?

They’re pretty fun! Found out they’re the secret weapon for stippling