Just submitted a class for Epilog Fusion Laser - NOTE: No Gaiter Masks

I just submitted a training/Certification class for the Epilog Fusion Laser, 8/20 from 7 - 8:30 pm. No prerequisites required since we will be covering fire safety in this class. It should hit the live schedule Sunday morn about 9 am.

Limited to 3 people, NOTE, I will not teach people in Gaiter masks. A study just came out and said they were actually worse than no masks because they reduced the size of droplets instead of soak them up. Not a political statement, I just live with a high risk person and need to be extremely careful.


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It was decided in laser meeting that thunder class is a prerequisite to using the fusion laser.

Please be sure to follow committee guidelines it help keep things better for everyone.

In the train the trainer session it was said if we taught fire safety and go/no on types of materials that could be lasered that the thunder laser class was not needed to take fusion. Is that wrong?

I need to know asap if I need to cancel the class tomorrow.

That certainly hadn’t occured to me at the time, no. I was trying to let y’all in on the reasoning behind the prerequisite. If I stated you could avoid the requirement by adding parts on to the fusion class, I’m sorry, but there was some miscommunication there.

Some teachers have been giving a thunder class and fusion class back to back, which is not ideal as it’s a lot of material to take in, but does technically meet the requirements. It’s also possible that some of your students already have the thunder class, a large percentage of the makerspace has taken the class at some point, whereas only a small number have been trained on the fusion.

I will teach the class tonight, make sure I include a heavy dosage of fire and material safety, then make sure I select the pre-req box going forward.

Sorry for the confusion.


Even though I’ve had the Thunder class, I find it’s always useful to reiterate the fire and material safety information. It takes most people three exposures before they actually learn something, so repeating the critical safety information is a good thing (IMO).