Just did my first visit to DMS

My name is Jose Robles. I registered two days ago and visited the DMS from 10:00 to 12:00 today. The place is awesome! I want to thank Craig, Burt, and Cam for their support and guidance. I got my fob key and activated it. I am ready to learn, help, and in the near future, teach!
Thanks again! :smile:


Welcome Jose! DMS is a fantastic place to learn and make. Have fun and try out as many things as you’re interested in. It’s all fun. I joined 4 years ago thinking I would just try it out during the summer and here I am 4 years later. I don’t regret it in the least.


Welcome to the Space, a couple of notes for new guys/gals/members,

  • Go to the “Member Access(Green Dot)” category of talk and request your green dot - it will open up the member-only portions of talk
  • Tool Certification Classes - Take them as soon as possible. Big ones are the “Hot Process” class for the metal shop [pre-req for any metal shop tool] and “Woodshop Basics” for access to the tools in the woodshop. Lots of tools require training and sometimes classes are difficult to schedule spur of the moment.
  • Classes are taught by volunteers - so irregular intervals and quantity, check the calendar regularly; if you aren’t seeing something you want, don’t be afraid to ask
  • Lots of software is available remotely on the “Jump Server”: More Info here
  • Interested in Solidworks? You can get a limited license here
  • Lightburn discounted license - info here
  • Access to a Google Suite Professional Account [use {username}@dallasmakerspace.org & password to log in]
  • While project storage is still on hold [hooray COVID], you can get a personal “bin” to hold small stuff - info here
  • Teach classes - they are fun, you’ll get as much out of teaching as those taking the classes (and DMS will give you up to four $50 honorariums a month).Rules and Policies - Dallas Makerspace
  • There are tons of smart and creative people you can now access through Talk, don’t be afraid to post a question - you’ll get several answers
  • Find a committee/area that you enjoy and join the team - you’ll get to know the active members in the committee and learn/grow/help more
  • More info can be found here: New Member 411 - Dallas Makerspace

Have fun - it’s a great place [and can take up a lot of time too].