Just a warning about a tool supplier on Etsy

I ordered a skiving knife from “Galactic Tool Supply” on Etsy. It seemed like a good deal and the store has good ratings. When I stuck it in my cart it gave a couple of weeks for delivery “from Georgia.”

After purchase I got a shipping notification with tracking from China Post. I inquired with the shop and they’re in Georgia the country and they “sometimes ship overflow items from China.” (I have my doubts as to the veracity of that.) Then it got lost in customs and they had to re-ship another one which appears to be cleared thru customs and headed this way from Chicago.

So … caveat emptor. If “country of origin” matters to you, ask your seller where the item will ship from. I probably wouldn’t have bought if I knew it was going to come from China.


If you haven’t already, leave a seller review on Amazon. Let others know about this, and thanks for the heads up

You can leave Etsy reviews on Amazon?

…yes. I have decided that this is canon

also see if you can leave a review on Etsy, and ignore the fact that i very clearly didn’t realize what i was reading

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Saying “Georgia” to a US market, unless it says Country Shipping From is deceptive. Wonder what percentage of buyers even know Georgia is a country.


Even fewer know that the Republic of Georgia (before the commies) was a fantastic wine producer!


Saying “Georgia” to a US market, unless it says Country Shipping From is deceptive.

I agree! Saying “Georgia” and then shipping from China is double-secret deceptive.

I said I would pursue a refund if I hadn’t received my purchase within 60 days of the transaction. He shipped another one without my saying that was acceptable. I’ve half a mind to go ahead and start the refund on PayPal.

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