Just a reminder sewing brainstorming tonight


6pm (I know the time sucks) in the purple classroom to give Dye Sub space to setup.
Here’s the link to the powerpoint I’m putting together for the talk:

It’s a work in progress and I’m hoping I will have some time during lunch to sharpen it up a bit. Lot’s of it doesn’t have context right now so it’s just a bit nebulous.

Never enough time.


I’m sorry, I am not able to attend the meeting tonight, but I had a thought about which room to assign to which … This is my opinion as a user, and not as anything related to Expansion …

I recommend sewing goes into the larger room.

What will go in the “digital art” studio? One wide format printer, the vinyl cutter, the Cameo/dye sub printer/Metaza all on one table, and two possibly three computers … right? I think those things could fit in the smaller room, probably with room for a weeding table. Also, in general, I don’t think people tend to sit at those workstations for long periods of time, like they do in the sewing room.

On the other hand, if you want any space for a cutting table, then IMO that will need to go into the larger room. The smaller room would only have enough space to put some sewing stations around the perimeter and that’s all.

Having said all that … since neither room requires anything other than 110V power, it would be simple to swap rooms out if you change your mind later.


I like the way you think. I agree that the larger room will be most accommodating for what we need. I’ll bring ups your thoughts tonight.


The idea for the sewing room was to keep the messy activities out.

An alternate approach with the room may be to keep the messy activities in? You are already exiling the noisy into the other room.


She’s talking about the digital room rather the conference


What’s the square footage on the digital room? I’ve never actually been in there.


Conference is 16’X13’
Digital is jussssst shy of 20’X 13




It is not just messy, when you are sewing you want to keep sodas and even water
on a different table, Some fabrics will water spot Yep that is hard for me since I tend to be drinking something
all the time