June Culinary Appreciation Thread

Late night, mildly intoxicated omelette with sauteed onions, green bell pepper, spicy sausage and topped with shredded extra-sharp cheddar cheese.


Wifey made an amazing cauliflower/cheese deep dish pizza.


Found this and I thought it might be appreciated here.


Ball now sells airlock lids for doing fermented stuff. I just started some half-sours.

The lid includes a stainless steel spring that keeps your food pushed down into the brine. Pretty cool.


Anette got inspired by watching Nailed It, so we got some modeling chocolate.


1st run @ sourdough, using my “quarentiny” starter (also my first effort at wild yeast tending).
Definitely room for improvement, but recognizable, and tastes vaguely like sourdough bread…

Here’s a shot of the starter on the right, “biga, lavain, or poolish” or whatever that I used to start the dough on the left. Big bucks & 16oz. pop bottle for reference.


Today is the summer solstice, in Sweden it’s a holiday called midsommar. Anette made us a traditional midsommar lunch.
Boiled new potatoes with peppercorns, dill and butter, hard breads with fancy cheeses, pickled herring and a cucumber salad


Midsommar tårta.


Nothing healthy here and a conspicuous dearth of green things (time not desire - some roasted broccoli would have been delicious).

But gawd I love this Salisbury steak. PM for the ultimate comfort food recipe.


A friend brought back a bunch of peaches from Oklahoma so I made a deep-dish peach cobbler (or is it a pie)? I know it was delicious :slight_smile:

p.s. The cat face steam cuts were a bonus.


With this year’s family vacation to London cancelled, we elected to drive to Pensacola and hide out in an AirBnb there. Day 1 was spent catching snapper out in the gulf which was rapidly turned into fish tacos that night and then fish and chips the second night.


That looks amazing! You’ve inspired me to put fish tacos on the menu for this weekend.


I recently got myself a Northspore Pink Oyster mushroom kit. I harvested today and fried up a few with some butter and herbs de province and HOLY COW HOW DOES THIS TASTE LIKE BACON???

Like, seriously… I’ve never tried this variety before. Somehow it simultaneously has a very meaty flavor, very similar to bacon, and is also a butter sponge. It was fantastic and I have so many ideas for how to use it. I’m thinking something like a corned beef hash, or maybe as a baked potato topping.


Oh, my they look so good. You had me at bacon! Hope you get additional flushes.

I ordered the same kit as it seemed the most suitable for our warm climate. Did you have to tent your block or just find a good spot and spritz it everyday?

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I grew pinks. I put them in a clear plastic box (actually my sous vide tub). Translucent lid loosely on top. You need to spritz them more like 10x per day. Do it at least every couple of waking hours if possible.


I have open shelving in our spare bathroom so I just put it there. The YT videos I watched said that diffuse, indirect light was better than total darkness, and that humidity was key. There’s a solar tube in that bathroom, so it being on the shelf, set toward the back of it kind of shades it enough. Plus I figured in a bathroom I could run the shower for a minute to up the humidity if spraying wasn’t enough. I didn’t have to though, I just kept spraying and got mushrooms way sooner than they said to anticipate!

I’m pretty sure this is going to become a full blown hobby, I just have to think about how to automate it and where to set it up (garage would be too hot, I think).


So now that I’m finally home (Just got back this morning), I found myself in the mood for some yakisoba.

Maybe tomorrow if I have time I’ll make another round of yakisoba but include some gyoza and Yakitori to go with it.


A couple things thought were funny and figured I would share seeing that everyone quit cooking now that the space is open again…


@TBJK, just for you…


July thread here:

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