July Electronics Committee Mtng and Elections 7/16/20

Online mtng on Thurs 7/16/20 @ 7:00pm.
Raymond will set up the mtng on WebX and supply the login info here.

I’ll through my hat in the ring to stay on as Committee Chair.
Raymond has offered to stay on as Vice Chair.

Let me know if there’s anything that needs to on the mtng agenda.


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Since the mod action removed the meeting details… here they are from the other thread:

Google calendar link here

The google meet details are included above, but they’re also copied here,
Electronics Meeting
Call In:
Phone Number: 617-675-4444
PIN: 585 118 249 9423#


Mtng successfully held online.
@artg_dms will continue as chair.
@Raymond will continue as v-chair.


Crap. This is Thursday ?

Congrats and condolences ( both ) to the continuing officers.

Art, you had my proxy vote. Glad that you did not vote me in as Chair. Ha Ha!

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We did discuss it. :angel:

Since I missed it, I am glad that the route of “Hey, he missed the meeting, Let’s make him Chair or Vice-Chair” was not taken.

Crap…I wasn’t able to make it. I’m not the chair am I?

No…not yet
You can rest easy for a while longer :upside_down_face: