July 2021 What's Cooking?

Make us drool with your successful dishes. We’ll commiserate with your failures.

Pics/recipes appreciated!

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Watermelon Granita
Really easy way to use up the uneaten chunks of watermelon from your last BBQ party.

I improvised this recipe inspired by a tasty applesauce granita recipe from the Ten Dollar Dinners TV show I’d made over the winter. The latter had a maple yogurt sauce to serve on top. A honey-flavored yogurt sauce might work with the watermelon - I may need to experiment some more.

6-8 cups ripe watermelon (seedless or seeds removed)
1/3 cup honey
1 tablespoon lemon juice

Blend well (I used a Vita-Mix). Pour into a 9x13 casserole pan, cover with plastic wrap and freeze. To serve, shred with a fork and spoon into a bowl. Eat slowly to avoid brain freeze. If you can shred it with a fork a couple of times as it is solidifying, you’ll break up the larger ice crystals and get a finer product. I just froze it overnight and shredded it the next evening - still tastes like fresh watermelon.

A large pan makes the shredding easier as the frozen mixture will be thinner and easier to break up.

Will keep a couple of weeks if kept whole, covered, and frozen.


My kids would love this!

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I got a new pellet smoker and this was my test brisket. I felt dirty for not using charcoal like I have for my entire life, judging others that didn’t do the same.

Then I shame ate the brisket and now I hate Charcoal and its dirty face!


Which pellet smoker did you get?

I have a Pitt Boss and I really like it, especially with how versatile it is. But it doesn’t seem to give the smoke flavor like a traditional stick burner does.
At least in my opinion.

Charcoal isn’t really all that great for smoking, but it does have its merits and adds a unique flavor.
Personally, I love a good charcoal fire Burger and I use charcoal and wood (hickory) blend for steaks in my webber.

I bought my Treager so I could enjoy smoking more food more often. Unfortunately for me, it didn’t work out that way. I still bust out the Weber and use more than the traeger.

My traditional smoker still gets used about once a year. Bout time for another get together, however it will be probably fall before I can do it logistically.


It’s the Camp Cheff Woddwind 24. I read that you need to set the “smoke” setting higher than you’d think for it so that’s what I did. I did get great smoke flavor from it. I lost some bark from

We decided to get a bit fancy… plus I wanted to use the bowl made here at Makerspace!

Crab Bisque with Slow Roasted Ribeye
Crab Bisque & Steak


Right on. Give me a heads up so I can plan on bringing meats too.

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Vegetarian brats (Beyond Meat brand) sautéed with peppers and onions. Served on bolillo rolls with Swiss cheese melted under the broiler.

Sautéing the brats with the peppers & onions melded the flavors quite nicely.


@mrjimmy what was the verdict about the DMS cookbook? Did we not have enough interest or did it just go to the back burner?

Pizza Night using our new backyard pizza oven.


Wow, it’s been a minute, lol!

As soon as things settle down a bit, I will post here again but unfortunately I have been spending an absorbent amount of money eating out and not cooking recently.

I know, it’s sad because what I cook is groundbreakingly phenomenal, lol!

(Wow, I am so full of $#¡÷, lol)


We do have the interest, I’ve just been backlogged because of summer stuff. I’ll kick it off in August.


My kid baked me a swedish cake for my birthday!


Didn’t make it, but had it in Florida.

Whole fried snapper stuffed with mofongo (refried mashed plantains) and shrimp.


That looks a bit scary. I trust it was delicious??

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Indeed it was. I took the picture from that angle specifically for the look of it. From the side it just looked like a stuffed fish.

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A summertime tradition: chocolate chip zucchini bread. One half of a single oversized zucchini made two of these loaves (4 cups shredded zucchini used, at least 4 cups left).