July 2019 Machine Shop Committee Meeting & Special election

Just a reminder that the Monthy committee meeting is posted at 12 noon on the 27th. This meeting will have a special election for chair position. I will run & hold this position until any other care to take the spot. If you care to run, pleas show up & throw your proverbial hat into the ring.


Machine shop?

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Damn it… yep & fixed.

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Your proverbial hat was just laying around in too many proverbial rings.
Thank you (and your family) for stepping to the plate and leading this committee!


Damn… Already double booked… Arcade auction and DFW Retro Computer Group meeting both on the same day.

Also I’m thinking about sticking around & trying to straighten up a bit after the meeting.

Next month August meeting we will have a prelude of a Maintenance & cleanup starting at noon AUGUST 24th

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Reminder that the committee meeting is next Saturday.

Reminder that the Meeting is THIS Saturday at Noon.

All are welcome, we are not a group of people who are unwelcoming. You don’t have to know a lot or really anything about machining to become involved with the committee. If you are interested, I encourage you to come.

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Reminder that Tomorrow at Noon is our committee meeting.

All Machine Shop committee meetings are always on the 4 Saturday of the month.

The meeting minutes are as follows
In attendance was,

Jim Hartnett (arrived right after Chair vote)
Clayton Watkins
Rich Meyer
Charlie Proctor
Art Givens
David Kessinger
Bob Karnaugh
Micheal Kramer
Chris Marlow
Randy Lisbona
Mike Glass
Chris Wischkowsky
Max Holthaus
Tim Bene

Chair election, Asked if anyone cared to run. I (Tim Bene) was the only candidate.

Motion for Tim Bene to be elected as Chair of Machine shop. 12 for 0 against 1 abstain (myself)

Discussion of items in the machine shop that needed attention.

Lathe need more inserts, previously brought to my attention that we had an odd ball tool holders.

Motion to replace the indexable tool holders total of 5 not the exceed 600$, All for, no against or abstain.

Discussion of the drills & taps, we will be researching common sizes.

Discussion of expansion.


Attempted to distill down to minutes and broke out discussion items. Let me know if anything is missing.


Looks correct. I dont know if it matters Minutes wise or not, But @procterc & @BobKarnaugh are also still appointed Vice-Chairs.