Juice Groove Jig - How to use?


I think there’s a juice groove jig in the space. I would love it if someone can show me how to use it.

I haven’t had the best of luck with the routing table… :frowning:


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I would also like to get an introduction to this.

Maybe others spawning a class?

@jalopez8 is the one that made the juice groove… don’t know which router is was setup with… that is the key to it

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It was designed for a palm router. The makita palm router to be precise. But, I think any palm router will be ok

I can go tomorrow after 4:30 if thats cool with you.

I haven’t even glued my board together yet, so I am in no rush.

Are you free on Sat or Sun?

Sweet I have that router too

@TSki gave us the highlights of using it at the end of the edge-grain cutting board class if you can catch him. I believe the router he showed us with it was a Dewalt, but won’t swear to it.

The center-line of the juice grove will be the distance as measured from the center of the router bit to the edge of the router base plate. Most routers will allow the plate to be changed. You can even make new plates with the laser. The width of the groove will be the width of the router bit in use. This is how you fix boo-boos, use a wider bit.

This works like the old spirograph toy.

You can also make patterns like this. Disregard the relief.

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Thank you.

I tried out the jig yesterday and it’s pretty idiot proof. The plate that Ryobi router is definitely a bit big (my groove came out to be around 1.5 in from the border of the board), so your tip with the plate above is helpful. Depending on which is easier, I might either find scrap wood to be used as spacer or laser cut something like you suggested

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