Judy is the real MVP

I want to personally thank @jrkriehn for not only letting us know about, but also hauling our new chairs from Denton. I bought them but am chained to my desk and had no way to get them to us. Thank you for your continued awesomeness to CA and multiple committees.


Hip! Hip! Hooray!

Yeah, played secretarial chair Tetris in ye olde Outback

Managed to get ten in there, but hadda go back after first unloading to get the last two.


She is amazing.


I should save a screenshot of this comment, Larry.

The Outback is also amazing!

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which comment is that dearest??

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The one where you called me amazing.

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I have called you much worse than that.

I know. That was why I was thinking preserving this one for posterity would be a good thing.

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