JSM plans for Open House


Joseph posted this for the committee

In preparation for the open house, I have outlined a time schedule for demos and volunteers. Please review and let me know asap if we should consider something different. Thanks in advance to everyone in the committee for volunteering to help make open house 2018 the best ever!!

Please bring any pieces you would like to display in our showcases up to the space by Friday 9 PM to get set up for display. Don’t be shy, bring something to share!

The day before Friday 10/5/18:

Set up - 7 PM - 9PM

The day of Saturday 10/6:
*9:45 AM (Anne) Go live - Turn on all lights and uncover showcases

10:30 AM - 12 PM (Dave) Custom made ring demo. How to make a basic ring and make a few giveaways
1 PM - 2:30 PM (Hannah) Wax working/injection. Demo the pneumatic injector and spru up a few pieces as a demo
2:30 - 4PM (Carienn) - Disc cutting / fabrication demo
5:30PM - 7PM (Joseph/Terry) - Casting machine demo. Made with 3D Fab’s Form Labs resin.
7PM (Anyone available) Clean up and shut down

Here is the basic intro spill we discussed. Hope it helps! Thank you for volunteering on tour nights!
“The jewelry and small metals department offers a large assortment of tools and equipment for a wide variety of jewelry making techniques. Many disciplines such as enameling, wire wrapping, chasing, chainmail, and lost wax casting in bronze, silver, and gold are done here. Using the 3d fab’s resin printer and our induction casting machine, end-to-end production can all be achieved at DMS. A general safety orientation is required, and committee meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month if you would like to get more involved.”


We need jewelry example from students as well as teacher I will be there earlier [on Frit
night to get the items on cards for the closed rotationg display

I will accept jewelry for it any time this week,