Joy of Maintaining the Woodshop

Maintaining the Woodshop is an ongoing delight, from breakages to messes and beyond. Here is a little chronicle of life in the woodshop.

I’ll be posting several episodes!:astonished:

Using the Festool sanders either without sandpaper or pressing so hard it obliterates the hook and loop

All repaired at $50.00 per pad


Next episode, arriving to find

No one empties the dust collector!

After emptying both bins, the rest of the sawdust cam out of the machine!


Next episode

After new pads on the sander, one won’t work, I wonder why?

Pins from the cord broken off in the tool

Fixed and returned


Thank you gents! That has to be soul crushing to see such a lack of care for our tools. Accidents are one thing but sanding without sandpaper?

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Next Episode inability to return tools to their homes


Picking up and putting stuff away

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Next episode, dust collector part Duex

So a week later the dust collector is over full again

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The wrath of Festool; the death of the dust chute

4th time this year! Someone has shattered the rear dust chute on the sliding compound miter saw.

So the lesson is don’t buy a Ferrari for drivers ed

More on this later


Now comes the SawStop

Broke the riving knife holder and the internal dust chute door!

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The bends, or how did this happen

Faceplate is bent and the depth switch is broken, and this tool came back from repair in the fall!

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FWIW, Patrick, and I emptied at roughly 8 AM ish

what tool is that? a router?

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Probably need incentivized volunteers to run through a prioritized check list every week to maintain the shop. Personally thought this was already done, or is this the general complaint thread for the people that do?


How the fuck do you do that? That’s insane!


It is the Domio XL. Need the fence straight to use the tool for angle joining.

That is theoretically what the membership of DMS is! Evidence to the contrary is abundant.


Tales from the sanding front

So this sander returned from a full rebuild at Festool, notice the nice new pad

Now 5 days later here is the same sander

So at $42 /pad. It only took our feral woodworkers 5 days to destroy the pad.

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So how about send us the dates and let us figure out who tore it up. This is unacceptable.


I think 5 days is really ridiculous… Need some check for sandpaper before use stickers or something

that makes me sad.


Seconding @Webdevel in sentiment.

Is there any option to do what @yashsedai suggested? Are there any approximate dates so the video footage can be researched?