Jointer Guard Damage


The jointer’s guard’s spring tension adjuster set screw has been damaged beyond repair. Someone took it upon themselves to use pliers directly on the threads as a way to give that little bit of extra oomph needed to get it gorilla tight. This damage will need to be repaired pronto. I will look for a temporary set screw replacement until a permanent solution can be defined and installed.

There is no application within the use case at DMS where this guard needs to be relaxed or removed. The financial exposure to DMS far exceeds the cost savings a member might enjoy. It is very common for millwork shops to have the lumber yard joint large items that exceed their internal capability. This why the term S2S exists. You want to use a jumbo wide timber, then pay an extra $20 and get it prepped on the correct equipment. Stop saving a few bucks and transferring a crazy expensive liability to DMS.

We need to seriously consider locking this setting down with a tamper proof indicator nad/or safety wire. Similar to your electric meter. We all know what comes next if a YouTube warrior slices their fingers off and we have not taken appropriate measures.

Tampering with lock-outs, tamper resistant settings and other safety measures should be a one and done activity at DMS. This behavior is not only incredibly reckless, it is totally disrespectful to the rest of the membership.


I’ll be up there later today

Seems to be a lot of ongoing whining, ranting and raving about numerous safety violations in various committee areas. Why isn’t someone checking the videos for the guilty? Why aren’t the guilty being called in for some serious counseling? Want to get the guilty’s attention? Give the guilty an extended time out / suspension from DMS. One that extends into, say January 2023.

@SWA I hereby appoint you as Video Czar of Woodshop Safety. Go get’em!

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Thanks for the vote of confidence, but we already have a very capable shop cop. The issue in this case is that we have no idea when the damage occurred. Many of us have watched hours of video in vain trying to find those few frames that show an offense being committed.

I think we need a culture shift where people are on the lookout for issues and promptly report them. This would allow, in wood shop’s case, @pjolone1 to quickly find the pertinent video frames.

EDIT: I think the title changed:

I Resolved the issue you will no longer be able to adjust the tension on the guard return spring… the only reason to remove the tension is to service the cutter head.

I with that said… the jointers fence has painstakingly been set to 90° while you should check it from time to time… don’t use a 4 dollar speed square to check for 90°… the ones floating around the wood shop aren’t designed for the level of precision that was used to make sure the fence is at 90° to the table aka deck.

The only place that the measurement matters is the Infeed side of the jointer. After the cutter head the measurement doesn’t matter, it’s just a rest area for your work.

There I said it!

Change my Mind.


Service the planer teeth:)

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