Job: Manufacturing calibration and process programmer

Areotek employer: [email protected]

SMT Programmer (2nd Shift)

Job Purpose

Position will be responsible for developing and programming for Fuji equipment at our Carrollton, Texas facility.

Nature Of Duties/Responsibilities

• Responsible for developing and maintaining programs for Fuji Equipment, operation and maintenance of automated equipment used to assemble electronic PC boards.

• Performs programming of various types of equipment such as automated placement Fuji (CP6, IP3, NXT, AIMEX), wave solder, screen printers, AOI, re-flow ovens, and those used in product assembly.

• Develops and maintains other SMT related processes, writes profiles and monitors equipment lines to ensure proper program performance, process efficiency, and ongoing quality.

• Works with production, engineering and machine operators to maintain equipment and to ensure efficient operation of work centers to meet production schedules.

• Performs customer specified modifications to programs (ECOs).

• Troubleshoots process / equipment problems and fault corrections.

Education And Experience

• Vocational education or training

• Minimum 5 years experience supporting SMT Programming team

• Experience with Microsoft Office, Excel, Fuji software (Fuji Cam, Fuji Flexa, & Aegis)

• Understanding of the Production environment.

• Ability to work under deadlines (Programs, ECO).

• Good verbal and written communication skills.

• Detail-oriented, fast learner.

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