Jewelry molding RTV available for fee as consumable

Castaldo LiquaFast 2-part RTV Silicone Jewelry Molding compound is now available with a per batch fee. This air-cure process is the simplest way to make a mold to “shoot wax” for investment casting. The fee for the most common batch size (roughly 3/4" x 2" x 3" mold) is $8 and includes one disposable scalpel (to separate your completed mold).

You provide your own plastic mixing containers. Save your queso tubs!

The process requires the vacuum table. You are considered trained if you are in the Casting AD group (i.e., have attended an in-person jewelry casting class here at DMS).

The mold frames are stored in the bottom drawer of the short (main) rolling cabinet, along with a laminated set of instructions.


The instructions can be found on our wiki at this link. They are also linked from the bottom of the casting/molding section in Jewelry Tools.

We have priced this at our cost (rounded up a few cents to make a full dollar amount). This should be helpful if you need to make a mold or two and don’t choose to invest in a full “kit”.