Jewelry Manufacturer Liquidation Sale

So a jewelry manufacturer in Flower Mound is shutting down and doing a big liquidation sale 12/4 (and possibly 12/5). Here’s the post with pictures of some of the stuff. Not sure of what might be useful for people.

Here’s a picture of the information from the plant manager if anyone is interested in checking it out.

@JBluJkt mentioned this to me last night. Fortunately the sale is when I’m on my vacation. So I might be able to attend

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I tried to look them up. It says that they do “luxury”, but I’m suspecting it’s base metal and glass or ceramic bits. Rhinestones… Tools might be worthwhile.

They wrote that they mainly do costume jewelry. Now I have no clue what they’re going to price stuff, but if they’re closing, it might be worthwhile to have someone in jewelry check it out and see if it’s worth talking to them about any equipment. :woman_shrugging:

Thanks for sharing! I was intending to post this for the DMS community as well.
We’ve already been there and picked through the big stuff.

They have a ton of interesting findings, stones, and other components in large quantities. Shop supplies, misc hand tools, polishing machines, shop fixtures/tools, office furniture. He has a couple of the older tabletop CNC machines used for milling wax and an old Envisiontec 3d printer. It’s a big place with all sorts of things for sale. True garage sale, I suggest you check it out!


Thank you for sharing this!