Jewelry left in a mess... again


Further evidence it was not from the classes I teach:
Short crucible used – we cover why it will not work for bronze,
Kiln in science used – never pointed out to class – class told not to use kilns in ceramics and why glass cannot be used in a jewelry kiln (ledger dust),
Small kiln used – students told in class they must monitor for full burnout cycle (and no one wants to do that)…
Machine parts cut and used rather than casting grain – students shown our tiny furnace will not melt down even a small bronze piece and are trained with a solid small piece about 1/2 inch by 1-1/2 inch for the induction furnace tongs handling portion of class.
Hope that helps – feel free to contact me anytime…


We have our own kiln in science specificly for our project since we needed to pipe it for O2. Also makes no sense to use a large kiln for a 1" pellet. Our kiln can get to 1250 C but very hard on it. Matter of fact our element burned out last Sunday.


I’m fairly certain I know the culprits for the mess is the crucibles, and probably who burned the small anvil. Not mentioning names on talk.


:man_facepalming:t2:…and again.


Is that wire in the crucible?
Yes, if anyone knows who is doing this, please PM Joseph Lahoud as I will not be back until tomorrow.
Thanks in advance…


Yeah some kind of mixture of copper chore or wire it looks like?


Looks like it might be time to buy new crucibles.


Was at the space this morning for 30 min. to use the laser and would judge the jewelry area only a “moderate” mess this morning. There wasn’t any chemical mess, but we had tools and materials left out. They might have been out drying or cooling, though


They were still there when I left Mon night at almost 9 pme

I did add the vise to the collection Sorry by my shoudler was hurting too much to move it

There was wax spilled on the table and I think I got most of it up


Out of town taking care of some family business but when I get back I will set up the Raspberry Pi with the camera so we can see who / what / when / where - - no need for this constant whodunit drama - - we can ban and / or retrain the offenders.
We are going to try to salvage the flasks which were not able to be cast from the last class.
The kiln was on a glass slump profile again.
The last two kiln burnout schedules were modified and incorrect for anything jewelry related.
I suspect they were either for soda glass or for annealing.
The (swept up?) scrap someone used the night after class had stainless steel in it plus they trashed the crucible. They also used the remaining five grams of silver from the metal drawer.
When I pulled the partially melted silver mass out of the bucket and put it into the pickle the stainless steel tumbler media contaminated it (grrrrr).
Yet more wasted material and work because of unidentified and clearly untrained person (or persons) in jewelry.
The more classes we can get together the sooner we can buy our way out of this broken tool mess.
My hope is to pick up even more momentum for the jewelry classes before Christmas gets here…


Anvil repaired the other day


Beautiful work, thank you…



And more characters


Thank you Cairenn - - we will get to the bottom of this - - please do not hurt yourself cleaning up after others.