Jewelry left in a mess... again


casting mess
Thursday casting class left a mess.
Friday night jewelry was left a mess, I cleaned Sat/Sun and Monday morning its completely trashed again.
6 full castings left in kiln.
Two torches left out.
Hot crucible burns on two tables and napkins.
Crucible tongs and pliers left out.
Ingot mold left in kiln.
Teri’s casting crate left out and open.
Science conductor project taken out and tried to use that kiln possibly?
Small kiln was open possibly tried? not sure that’s even in the sign off class?
Bench left messy and tools out.
Crucible left in kiln still dirty
Crucible left on bench dirty
Every table and bench here has some leftover casting failure mess on it.
Carbon stir stick broken.

If you don’t have time set aside to cast/clean then you shouldn’t be taking on a dangerous project imo.
Leaving all this stuff unkempt is only setting up the next guy for failure, and or someone walking into a burn.

I’m also going to put this out there afgain. The casting classes are covering too much imo, and I don’t feel we should be signing off people as a result of too much info to take in. Especially if they cant even absorb cleanup, and where to put hot crucibles or not etc. Also casting class should probably not be during open house? Too many distractions and ppl not on waivers.

A tool here or project piece there is no big deal. Leaving every surface and station a mess is lame sauce.



Do you have a camera on Jewelry? If not you probably need to get one. I’d think that the culprits need to be banned from jewelry.



I certainly understand how unacceptable this is and your frustration. Sadly, this isn’t the only occasion where some selfish person has left a mess (or worse) for others.

What is the specific issue that you are asking to be resolved here? Are you reporting that something specific is broken?



Just making note for safety issues and or broken items. If this should be in jewelry then can we move it?

Although this is the 3rd time this week I’ve seen evidence of failed castings.

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Everyone touring DMS has to sign a waiver.

I would fully support a Suspension for anyone that leave a Committee space wrecked. Find out who and proceed with a disciplinary action. Please.



Was there a class in jewelry area last night? (Last night being Monday 11/19.)



Not according to the calendar.



No same persons came back and did it again. Even ignored my please clean up note.





Wow! not good is there a camera in Jewelry? ?

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Assuming you you have video of the repeat offenders, download/save frames for reference. Have a “Come to Jesus” rude reality meeting w/ the guilty. Suspend privileges in committee area as in ban from for some “painful” amount of time. If they ignore ban from committee area, escalate to BoD and request they be banned from DMS for some period of time. You can also post frames to talk - public shaming is also an option. (Yes, I expect a rant on this.)



Has the Chair been notified?

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Looks like my three year old joined DMS and didn’t tell me…



Nope. One could watch the video of the walkway to see who went back there, but there isn’t a camera currently pointing at Jewelry. That camera is pointed at Machine Shop.

Perhaps DMS needs to own a “game” camera – motion-activated. We would probably only need one – it only seems that there’s only one non-watched committee at a time that’s having problems with mess.

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there isnt one for jewelry because our area was created out of a storage area

I think there is a camera that will show a little of it but not where the mess was created



Or maybe something like a RING doorbell that allowed you to holler at people doing bad things.



Yes I have been in communications with J-



I have just moved it.

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Joseph just pointed me to this thread – not sure who it was but I will find out – let me clarify some things:

The kiln in Science was never pointed out as an option for jewelry production to any class,
The mess left behind was not from the Thursday night class because I was there until five am and had cleaned up after classes ended,
my classes do thoroughly cover safety,
my classes do cover cleanup and the students are always gracious enough to help me clean up afterward,
We stay way past the listed class time so everyone gets to participate (as in we have been there until 2am twice now),
the flasks are left in the kiln so they cool slowly after being at 1100 degrees Fahrenheit,
the flasks are marked on the top.

I cleaned up the mess even though it was not from the most recent class as soon as I saw it.
The person that did this (from any of my classes or not) is going to be retrained 1-on-1 by me before they get to use the jewelry equipment again.
I did not know we did not have eyes on this area.
Software Development is loaning jewelry a raspberry pi with an no IR camera so we can monitor the jewelry area until we have permanent eyes on this area.

As far as the kiln in science I think we have eyes on that but it must be a newbie because I do not think that tiny kiln will hit that temp range – that would be the camera to check…