Jewelry Classes - interest check

Right now I’m working on my cell phone so there might be a better place for this but so please move it if there is.

I intend to put up to jewelry classes in May on Friday afternoon it will probably be at a 5 class because that’s when I can get there. I am curious about what people a 7 about what classes people might be interested in se Catan be interested in . I could do hey class that rhyme with wire wrap like squids heart that would make interested in
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Hi! I am so interested in different jewelry classes. I’ve had some experience in a different space and am excited to try anything to get accustomed to this space.

Some things I’ve been hoping to relearn or learn are enameling, any soldering practice, polishing, forging, stone settings, and… anything!

I would be able to join Friday evenings, just starting no later than 5PM because I work so so early on Saturday mornings. :nauseated_face:

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In my opinion, 5 pm is a really bad time for classes. It’s a bit late for the day folks, and entirely too early for anybody with an 8-5 class. I’ve also found Friday classes to be problematic because folks forget they signed up because it’s Friday night.

“a 7 about what classes” – what? Try that again.

“rhyme with wire wrap like squids heart” I assume that you’re talking about your chaos wire wrap? If “squids heart” is a specific piece you’re referring to, you might figure out how to post a picture.

I agree that 5 is a poor time but I’m somewhat limited now because of not having transportation. Sue has a class later that night so she’s and bring me One Stop workout other Transportation I will be to come out early and bring

Stuart Rodgers have some classes up on I know Friday evenings I don’t remember which classes she’s got up but she can work with you on many of these things including the Hydra flux torch and soldering and polishing. Antique several different myself but I teach some fold forming forming and forging classes wire wrap niobium Anodizing and a variety of others

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