January Metal Shop Committee meeting 1-12-19 & Minutes


We will be having our committee meeting for metal shop on Saturday the 12th at noon.

Come to the meeting to discuss what we want and what you feel we should do as a committee.

Awesome Opportunity to Blacksmith this Saturday (01/12/2019)

Any chance you can do one of these on a weekday? I live a ways from DMS and prefer to drop by on my way back home in the evening.


Reminder the meeting is tomorrow at noon.

Zach we will talk about it tomorrow.


Allen Eggeemeyer

Robert Henley

Charles Procter

David Shannon

Jim Hartnett

Tim Bene

Grant Hobbs

Tool chest/strorage with 41-42” worktop not to exceed 600$ All for, no against.

We need a Crash cart for the CNC plasma PC

Also need an environmental enclosure for the CNC Plasma PC

Consumables for CNC to include 3-sets, set aside for trained users to use. This includes Finecut setup, 65 amp setup & 85amp setup. This will allow some folks to use consumables if they can not get their hands on them locally.

Jim has a schedule where he is out of town most times during the week, weekday meetings may be a little difficult. Maybe we can have a second during the week.


Jim and Tim.Please remember to add me to the group and please let me know who to contact to shadow them doing a safety class so I can help with those training sessions.


Can’t the vice chair run a weekday meeting? If Jim isn’t there during the week anyway, seems like the vice chair is going to be doing a lot of the management.


@rhenley I have added you to the group.

Zach, that may be what we end up doing.


It’s fine running a secondary meeting, but we do most of out coordination electronically anyway.

Is there something in particular you are looking to bring up?


Sorry I missed it. I was out hunting with my son and nephew. We got a pig. :slight_smile: