January Ceramics Needs attention shelf 2023

These pieces require attention for reasons listed on paper. Come check on them

We broke a mushroom and moved it to the needs attention shelf. The rest went in safely. I’m sorry!

Thought this beauty was gonna fit the tiny kiln stilts while loading and she was just a little too tall … the weight of shelf snapped her - I AM SOO SORRY :sob: i feel so bad. Please let me know if i can do anything to help fix/replace. I placed on needs attention shelf


Hi! My tray is on this shelf - the grey and red, but there’s no paper for it, can anyone tell me what I need to do for it to be fired?

Thank you!

Are you talking about the pic with the mushroom in the pic? That’s not actually the Needs Attention shelf. It’s a pic of the going-to-the-kiln shelf where the mushroom broke.

Gotcha, ok, awesome, thank you for the clarification!

A couple more additions to the shelf, two white cups with the handles pulling away, and glaze not clearing the bottom of another item

Hey! I found the pieces before seeing this post today. Finally set up an account :smile: to say, “No worries!” in response to this message. (P.S. The plate may have done better flat vs. vertical).
I will make again and remember to put a note❤

THANKS to the kiln team… requesting to train me, so I may also contribute in a useful way.