January 2019 Kiln News


Bisqueware unloaded. Everyone’s bone dry pieces has been fired and ready for pickup. All new bisqueware pieces are located on the TOP shelf. Please help us clear the bottom two shelf by taking your bisque pieces home. Thank you.


Glaze firing is out! Beautiful job everyone!


Hey Liam, I saw your class tomorrow 1/12/19 at 1:15 and saw that registration is closed.

Would it still be possible for me to come and participate? At least to watch and learn, if I can’t get on a wheel?



Hey Nic! We would love to have ya! You are more than welcome to come watch and hang out with the class. See you then!


glaze unloaded. please come pick up your pieces the shelves are full :slight_smile:


bisque unloaded


glaze unloaded


Shelves are full! Please come pick up your pieces. Bisque unloaded this morning.


Glaze unloaded this morning


Shelves are full! Bisque unloaded. Purple starred items will be disposed of February 26.


Glaze unloaded


@Team_Ceramics in case you are not aware, the power will be turned off Wednesday morning.


Bisque unloaded this am


Soooo many in progress pieces on the shelves. Please be mindful of other makers making new pieces and come finish all abandoned in progress pieces. All abandoned bone dry pieces left on the in progress shelves will be put on the greenware shelf to be fired if space is not freed.


Could I also attend Friday’s 6pm crash course class, although it is full? I’d like to create 2 mugs.


Glaze unloaded, awesome work!!


I left an -a- several weeks ago on a bed of nails with a note to low fire, on the low fire shelf. I don’t recall seeing it when on Tuesday. Did it get fired?


Looks like it went through


Thank you!