January 2018 Kiln News


Just loaded up a glaze kiln. A few items didn’t make it in.

April – one of your mugs didn’t make it due to some substantial glaze on the flat bottom. This isn’t one of the ones with the glaze in the indented bottom (and I’d love to rant about that – generally only commercial pottery has glaze on the bottom).

I’m expecting to run bisque when this kiln is cool. Carl was there tonight, so there’s lots and lots of mugs which will probably be dry when the glaze is done. While he was having some issues with drying in the chilly temps in the back, having a kiln running should fix that issue right up!


Huh. Didn’t realize I’d skipped this last time.

Loaded and unloaded and reloaded bisque. Everything from the greenware has been or is in the kiln. I fired it up last night, so I’ll see how close to unloading we are once I get back there for Tour Night.


Loaded up another bisque. Got everything not-wrapped in.

I’m considering loading up a glaze kiln when this comes out. There’s not a lot of stuff (can change at any minute if Carl glazes mugs), so I may just load the small kiln.


Carl glazed mugs. So I’ve loaded the 2nd glaze kiln tonight. Didn’t quite get everything in. I may load the small kiln in a day or 2.


Who would I talk to about having my own kiln load? I just have one large item I’m making tomorrow (a large planter)


@Team_CeramicsFire. Generally speaking, we try to fill the kiln.