It's OK MOM will clean it up

Came in this morning around 7:00 am. The area around the lift had trash and parts everywhere, jugs of fluid all over the place. Ended up cleaning up an old radiator, bags of trash and taking 6 bottles of old fluids back to Autozone on my way to work. Your Wellcome!


Thank you for dealing with this. I nominate you for “conscientious member of the day”


I want to like the post for doing a service to DMS, but regret that someone else made it necessary.


Video logs, identify the member, and issue an auto area ban seems appropriate to me…



The incident started at 07-25-2019 4:26PM. There is RFID info, Name and address, and video saved.


Why stop at just auto? This is the kind of behavior that merits a stern penalty. They are obviously just here to “take” what they can?


Thanks for cleaning this up and thank you for @StanSimmons for posting relevant info. What is next step to take action regarding this member? This one shouldn’t wind up as only a TALK post. If it needs to be an aganda at the next BoD meeting, I’ll do that, but there may be a simpler way
@Team_Logistics does this fall under your domain?

The first step is up to Automotive. @TLAR


This is so blatant that it wasn’t an oversight or innocent mistake - it was an inconsiderate jerk who doesn’t give a damn about anyone else. I can see leaving a mess long enough to go on a test drive or quick run to the parts store. Overnight, especially without leaving a note or telling someone, is absolutely unacceptable. Especially bad since the mess couldn’t simply be thrown away but required a trip by Carey to deal with.

We don’t need members like this. They will shit all over the space and leave it for others to clean up.

ETA: These are the same types of people who don’t put tools back where they belong or “lose” them because they are lazy and inconsiderate.


We need to start handing out at least one month suspensions.


Chairs can suspend access to the committee area up to the last day of the next month. That gives them the time to petition the Board for a longer (up to permanent) ban from the area.

Laser also invalidated training as a corrective measures. As in, if you left a laser running unattended, you obviously forgot your training. Time to take training again…after your temporary ban was over.

The Board might hear the petition and say not only should the person be banned from the committee area, but also from the Space. This happened with two thieves in Laser. I petitioned for permanent ban from Laser. The Board decided to ban them permanently from the Space.


Invalidating their training is an excellent measure.

Or maybe chat with them to find out what happened, see if it’s a one off or habitual thing, and maybe have them come to maintenance and clean up day for the area as penance and apology.


I can’t think of a “one off” situation that would warrant leaving trash parts and several containers of hazmat waste with specialized disposal requirements all over a comittee area from 430 PM to 700AM the next day. Especially not one that deletes common courtesy like “I was test driving and it broke down, please excuse the mess if someone can be a hero and get it for me”. A tiny mess like forgetting to put away the sewing machine or vacuum up some sawdust I can see being a whoops. This is more than that.

They can certainly do the penance and apology but consequences still need to happen for the blatant disaster they left behind.


Since there was so much detritis, I actually wondered if there were multiple contributors. Thanks for sorting out the identity of the inconsiderate user.

It was a group of several younger adult members working on a pair of cars, one on the lift, one in the parking lot. The one who swiped in has been a member for a fair amount of time… and should know better.


Thanks Stan.

Col.Dan is correct. If they or anyone does it in one committee and gets away with it then what would stop them from changing their behaviour in any other area of the Makerspace?

Stan can you send me the identities of those involved so I may push for the board to remove them.

Thanks Carey for the clean up as well!


I can attest that happened in Laser. Had an issue with a member routinely leaving material inside the lasers and disappearing for hours (laser was not running) and also leaving large scrap in the area, despite me telling him to stop. I went to temporarily ban him, but a director asked me not to as a favor. So I told him if he participated in the upcoming maintenance day and stopped the behavior, that would suffice.

What was discovered later was that he was trashing other areas. The Chairs didn’t know there was a system-wide problem with him. One chair told me that if they had known he was a repeat offender, they would have sanctioned him harder.

EDIT: a director from a previous board. Not the 2019-20 board.


Perhaps we (Chairs & Vice-Chairs) should DM at Committee chairs said offenders so we can watch closer over our areas.


Clarification for the masses: This pre-dates the current Board of Directors.