Items Missing from ELab


A tethering system was tried about 2 (?) years ago. Did not work/end well.
Comments, problems, etc were posted out here.
Tag systems have been discussed.
At this point I favor a good video system and posting the guilty here.
Serves as a warning to others.
Does need regular users of the ELab to be observant and note when things are missing.



The painting was finished on Friday, 2/1. I walked 102 Saturday around 1:00 and didn’t see any heat gun. Where in 102 did you see it?

I really hope it was there for painting because if not, then I still have a problem with people and strange things continuing to show up in 102 despite my efforts to stop them. I’ll ask the person who did the painting.


Heat gun was not over next door.
It was taken to automotive.
Interesting how it was missing for ~3 days - but was not seen there while missing from ELab.
Have frames from video of the guilty.
Getting ready to post along w/ warning.


Thank you. Sorry it went walkabout but you don’t know how relieved I am that it wasn’t in 102.


Is it too soon to install cameras over there?


It’s too early if we care whether they get destroyed during construction.