Items Missing from ELab


Recently the DeWalt heat gun has gone missing from the ELab.
Including its box that sat on top of the tool box.
Checking the video

Also missing:
Fluke 115 meter
Panavise bench clamp base w/ standard panavise

If you see any of the above, please return to the ELab.


There was a bench vice on the left soldering station (closest to door) on Thursday evening after 9pm. Don’t know if that was the one now missing, but if so, the time hack might narrow the timeline.


Bench c-clamp base is panavise 311
Standard vise head is panavise 301

I didn’t see it last nite. Will check again today.


A committee chair is not only a janitor, but also a shepherd…


Heat gun was missing Saturday night if that helps with narrowing down the video at all.


Bill, you forgot a committee chair is also a bounty hunter for lost tools that have disappeared or gone walkabout and not returned to their proper place…


That is what I meant by shepherd, rounding up lost sheep…


The heat gun reappeared in the ELab around noon yesterday (Mon 2/4/19)
Wish it could talk about where its been…

Other items are still missing.

Placing a bounty upon the heads of thieves and habitual mess makers…hmmmm…:money_mouth_face:


Don’t worry … you might get pictures …


Hmmmm . . . I was briefly in the ELab on Monday around I:00 PM. No one else was in the Lab at that time. Nope, it was not me returning the heat gun. However, on Saturday morning I recall seeing a heat gun over in Suite 102. Perhaps someone was drying some paint on the wall with it.


That’s interesting.
Was it a black and yellow DeWalt?


I do not recall the color.


Depending on what time this was “missed”, I may have had the Fluke meter. I got one for a period of time on Sunday when we were trying to figure out what had gone wrong with the Multicam keypad. It was returned on the same day.


The Fluke 115 meter has been missing for some time.
Test equip drawer in tool box had 2 Fluke 115 and 2 Fluke114 meters


This problem has been solved by retail locations.

Tag the items alert when they leave the room.


Easy to do now in a separate room.

Not so easy after the move…


a modest proposal to “permanently” tether some of the tools to the tables/ furniture? curious if that’s been brought up before.


Check out projects like Open Beacon

At the simplest level it would detect when it left the room. A bigger build would allow for locating a tool within a room. Even further build could be a front end GUI that you click what tool you are looking for and it would tell you which room it is in.


It was done on the NI Gear. I am not sure if it was done on other gear.


there are also UHF RFID tags (Gen 2) for inventory control that can be read many feet away and identify all items within range.

range is still limited, but they have advantages of being commercially available for pennies/tag and no need to change batteries.

with judicious placement of readers it should be possible to get a good idea where things are going.