Issue with the Parts Washer

Tried to use the parts washer today and it was very low on pressure, not sure how to troubleshoot and maintain this machine so I figured I’d post about it.


I was also low last friday night when i used it for a hot second, but it was almost 3am at that point and i might have forgotten to post about it on here.

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Thanks Jonah, Welcome to the Makerspace!

The water level is most likely low.


Found the same thing Sunday, just to confirm.
@TLAR, is adding water an easy maintenance thing? Say, if I’m swinging by tonight, can I just Google an owner’s manual or find a Youtuber to point to the fill location and level etc etc (or even better, is it painfully obvious even without that)? Or better to wait on it?

If you add a 5 gallon bucket of water this should get you going again. I meant to do this last night but forgot.

Someone put some water in it yesterday afternoon. Not sure if it still needs more.

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I’ll check it friday evening. There is a “dipstick” for it as well.
The next chair of automotive is welcome to adopt the task of cleaning it out properly.

I went to use the parts washer for a bit today. It had the low pressure again. Is there some parts solvent cleaner I can add to it? If so, please let me know the location. I could add water, but is there a point when it contains too much water and not enough solvent?

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I cleaned the sock filter so it drained a little better and filled it back up with water but I was still low on pressure, I’m starting to think it’s an issue with the pump.

Also, the gloves are in serious need of replacement

Thanks Jonah! What is the process to order a pump and gloves? I’d be glad to install.

I’m honestly not sure, that’s an automotive chair question, is @TLAR still chair?

It is an aqueous (water based) cleaner.

The strainers in the drum probably need servicing, along with cleaning out the drum and a change of the fluid/solution.

Thanks for the heads up on the gloves - those didn’t last very long.

I will try to make it in this evening for the parts washer servicing if not it will be tues night.

I think there is more parts washer cleaning solution under the drill press in Machine Shop if it needs more.

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The parts washer is functional now.

The sock was full of silt
The drum was low on water.(down to the level of the pump intake screen which in way down inside the drum)

I cleaned out the sock and added 8 gallons of water - I did not fill it because it needs to be cleaned out - who WANTS TO HELP?
I will be back on weds night around 730 pm to clean out the drum (it is nasty).

The gloves are shot - no more Amazon cheap imported gloves again.

I’ll come help, I use it enough I should know how to maintain it too

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Weds night I have a work conflict Thurs, I may recycling a ton of lead, and Friday night is out as well.

another evening around 8pm will be planned.

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Hmm. I may have to give some paper some lead poisoning myself… probably not exactly what you meant though Tom.

I likely use it enough to where I should learn how to maintain it, too. In for helping.

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