Issue - Machine Shop Saw - Coolant Stopped

The saw stopped pumping fluid.
It looks like theres fluid in the tank though.
There’s fluid in the hose but it stops going up half way.
IDK, whats going on.


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I would suggest checking for any obstruction to the inlet of the fluid.

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thank you, someone will take a look at it when we can.

That’s usually what it does when it’s just barely low on coolant

It was low on coolant, now fixed


Thank you Charlie

thank you. the easiest solutions are always the best.

Thanks you!

Also it’s going very slow
I’m at ~ 1.5 hours for a 2" OD Round bar cut of SS
Do we need a new blade? or is that normal?

The Zen Pottery people hate my guts right now.

Please stop using this machine then. It should not take this long. It needs service. Please put a sign on it until someone from Machine Shop can check it out.

Should not be cutting a solid SS bar: Mild steel, Brass or SS tube .125" max wall. SS work hardens on thicker material going well above 55 Rockwell C, the blade has been dulled and needs to be replaced.

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I stopped and put a sign on it

If someone is there, please examine the blade. It has been reported as abused and damaged by this action

The hydraulic fluid is low and is leaking from the spool valve couplings. The blade has no really obvious damage. I’m considering doing a test cut to see if anything obvious is wrong.

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thank you Charles. If the spillage is large, please find the wet floor pylon/sign and put it out please.

There’s visible air in the head actuator line. I’ll pass on the test cut.

If you dont mind, grab some of the pig mat on top of the cabinet and put in down inside the saw?

It’s done.

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Thank you!

Do we have “O” rings for the pistons in the oil accumulators?

I took a count of the fittings to replace them all together but lost the list I made.

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