ISSUE: Can log in everywhere but page where I register for training class?

Im trying to register for the Laser training class this evening, or even see if there are slots to show up. It keep saying my username or password is incorrect on the page on the laser link, but everywhere else I try to log in it works. I have reset my password twice and have logged into other sections of the site. DMS is a bit of a drive, so I would like to know if its available before I drive up.

Is there a way around this?
I can’t even check if there open slots so the class may be full. If not, is there a way I can register other than that if there is a vacancy?

I don’t know why you can’t log in, but I understand the urgency of your request. There are still vacancies (at least one). You might contact @patrickpleez1 directly. I think he’s the instructor.

Have you tried logging in at the main calendar page, then clicking into an individual class?

It should not make a difference, but software being what it is…

Just show up tonight. At 7p

@thatguy had a similar issue. If your password has a special character in it, that might be your problem. He had to talk to someone with admin authorit to get it sorted out.

We fixed that bug this weekend, so it shouldn’t be a problem any longer, but if anyone still has that issue please let us know.

@Shank Can you get into MakerManager, because if you can get in there you should be able to get into the Calendar system. I checked your AD account and everything looks good there. Just to confirm your Username is dyxlesci.

I’m having this issue now. I just purchased a new membership but I can’t log into the area where I can sign up for classes. I can sign in on the billing side

Please open a ticket by emailing [email protected]

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Exactly what Julie said. We’re having a issue with billing not talking to the rest of the DMS stuff. Talk is totally separate from the database/billing side of it all. That email is the only way for us to address the issue at this time.