ISO very small part

I was told to try this forum to see if anyone could help me out. I need a few (maybe 6) of these made in clear plastic. They’re so small that other people I’ve asked can’t do it. I can pay and can ship one to you to copy. If anyone can help me out that would be great, thanks.


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Here’s another photo.

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You could probably print them out of resin pretty easily.

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Forgive my ignorance but I don’t have any knowledge or equipment for this kind of stuff. That’s why I was trying to see if anyone could make something for me.

Looks like an LED light pipe… Maybe they can be cast in resin or colored epoxy?


The point of the makerspace is to learn and do. If you want to learn to do these things you’re in the right place.

If you’re looking more for a job shop, there’s a lot of people around who want to learn and do and probably wouldn’t mind being paid to learn lol so you’re probably in the right place anyway.

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I mean, they posted in MakerTrade, so they’re in the right place either way.


they said they would pay for someone to do it

I have a transparent blue resin not green, does it need to be green?

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He said clear in the post. I assumed that meant colorless?

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Yes I need just clear transparent. It’s a part on my trucks AC controls, I’m converting everything to blue LED so I wanted a clear piece so that the light would shine through good. Not a super important thing but I was hoping to get some for me and a friend of mine if they weren’t too expensive.

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I forgot I did get clear resin as well. I can probably help you. Send me an email and we can figure out the details. It seems easy enough to whip up in cad and print.

Email: [email protected]

It won’t be completely clear it will be translucent like a lighr diffuser, I can spray it with polyurethane and make it somewhat clear-er.


Making a one-sided silicone mold and pouring degassed clear resin would probably work. This starter casting kit:

With some clear resin:

Should work. If you want to go the low/free cost way: making a silicone mold from silicone caulk and cornstarch, then filling with 5 or 15 minute epoxy (the latter dries clearer) would probably also work. Here’s a how-to:

The latter approach will likely have many small bubbles in the resulting part, but those might act as diffusers for the light so not necessarily a bad thing.


I appreciate Fusion 360 so much for this stuff. I’m printing it for him now.