ISO substitute teacher new member class 9/23

Looking for a substitute teacher for the 11am &12 pm new member class this sat, 9/23. Each class is an hour. Total.

The slide deck has the complete script.

After the slide deck, the class makes talk accounts, gets their green dot, looks at the calendar, joins discord, logs into their Google drive, and the jump server.

It’s pretty straightforward, but is a huge learning curve for new members.

I have a new member class on Tuesday night should anyone want to preview the class before teaching it.

On Saturday/Tour day?

Yes. I run it then to catch people that have just joined.

Sorta what I figured.

I plan to be at the space Tuesdae, I’ll try and sit in.

Where’d you find the facility map? I’ve looked for one and not found anything this current.

Also the pre-req note for the class: MUST HAVE KEY FOB + ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP TO ATTEND.

Should we consider a pre-game fob pickup if they have joined? I know I see a lot of messages asking this unrelated to the class.

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On tour day, Jay or one of the other tour guides makes the sure the people have a fob before they attend class.

Otherwise I create the event as member only, and people that are not members cannot register for it.

The class was developed to help people deal with a large learning curve of becoming a member at the space, we already have several tactics to help people deal with how to get their fobs and how to actually join.

As for the map, it did not exist, so I made it.

Can I have a copy, pretty please?

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