ISO screen tech for laptop

My laptop took a dive had a friend say he knew how to replace it turns out he does not. Need recomendation someone can replace screen and reassemble.
asus model k73e bbr7
Thanks Joshua

Can I ask what OS is running on it.

Windows 7 would be my guess at this time.

One can follow this guide to put it together:

However I’m not aware of one needs the digitizer, screen or both replaced but in either case it would be easier to just get one off ebay that’s new and just plug things back together.

I did my sons HP a few months ago. It was pretty damn easy.

I am licensed to do HP warranty work and I have 20+ years of IT experience. And I would not recommend repairing this laptop. It is very very old. Windows 7 end of life is Jan '20. It will cost you more then this laptop is worth.

@j801496 seriously?! The OS version is meaningless. Anything running Windows 7 can run 10, Linux or android-x86. Intel Core i-series is still modern and uses common off the shelf parts that anyone can get.


  • Intel Core i3 2350M Processor 2.3GHz
  • 6 GB DIMM

That’s fairly decent machine for everyday use, gaming, and then some.
One can max out the ram, switch the drives over to SSD and get a blazing fast machine that’s also fairly inexpensive to repair at this point. (or hook it up to your home router and use it as a server… kind of what I do with my old machines).

If one doesn’t have the time to diy it which its fairly easy to do. @TBJK is good with this stuff and personally, I’ve been in IT for over 15 years and ran my own tech firm doing IT solutions which included typical help desk stuff such as computer repair work. I’ll be glad to help out on a weeked and if you already have the parts it would only cost you a cup of coffee or a donation of your choice to the VCC/Hackerspace committee.

Feel free to pick a time that works for you: