ISO Pattern Maker / Pattern Guru


Hello . . . I am looking to tackle a new cosplay from Game of Thrones and looking for someone to help me with pattern design. Is there anyone out there that would be willing to help me? I can offer to bring your favorite snacks . . . .


Hey Becky,

I’m no pattern maker, so formal help I’m not good at. That being said, I’ve modified and used other patterns in ways not intended in order to make things for costume. I’m a fan of finding a pattern already made and changing things in it to make my project work. Joann’s has a ton of sewing patterns and every once in a while they go on super discount, like $1 each. I would modify and build from these as they tend to use construction techniques that I don’t formally know how to design in, but are often the technique needed to get certain effects I’m looking for.


Thanks Nick! Yes I have a ton of patterns I think I can use, I guess I just need some expertise in how to manipulate them. I am no seamstress, just a beginner. So I may just need someone to bounce ideas off of. :slight_smile:


I am also not a seamster,

I’ve done many projects, but my technique is brute force. I buy cheap ugly fabric and build the item. Then, I look at it and see what needs to change and modify pieces. I then build a second one. I repeat step 2 and build a third. By this point I usually have something that works or is close enough that I’m confident I can modify it and build from the nice material. I seam rip the third version and trace the pieces on paper. I cut out my now personalized pattern and build my final.

That is my process, There isn’t anything to teach it is mainly trial and error with cheap ugly fabric. I’m not skilled enough to know what needs changing without looking and playing with the pieces. So I would say if no one jumps in as an expert, I would suggest you just try and brute force it.


When @Kriskat30 gets back in town, she’d be a person to ask for help, suggestions, what have you. She’s there a lot in the evenings.


I should be in on Monday


do you think it would be interesting to do cosplay with muder mystery and use Science comitte for dna test and finger printing to find the “killer” I used to do the murder mystery parties years ago they were great fun, perhaps we could order pizza as well and a great way to meet other members.


I need to learn these skills also. About to start Jake’s next costume, Ash Ketchum and Pikachu


Yes. My family did do a Murder Mystery Party at Christmas and the dress up part is the best. Would LOVE to talk to you about this. :slight_smile:


Great! I can go by after work if you are there. I have some patterns and thinking I can maybe use them would love to bounce them off you.


Creeping in on this one: I do make flat patterns for sewing and was thinking of seeing if there was any interest in me teaching a class. Would it be helpful?


That would be awesome


I know in our Cosplay SIG that was one thing we all wanted. :slight_smile: I think that class would fill up fast!