ISO leftover used holiday cards


Soooo…if anyone has leftover holiday/greeting cards, etc, they’ll be throwing away, I’d be interested in them

I need the covers to make a set of cards I want to use for fiber arts, test-driving an idea I saw (mini-cards for card-weaving on small Inkle loom)

So, if you have some you want to pass along:

  • I just need the colorful covers (you can remove rest with writing or I will)

  • don’t need envelopes

  • needs to be flattish (not high-texture or multi-layers)

  • no glitter unless it’s very minimal

  • heavier cardstock cards better I think, but will see

So if you have some, please leave in my box in the galley (labeled Jeannie Harwell, pink box, knee-high and midway on left wall)

TIA :slight_smile:


I saw this on Craigslist free section tonight (Thursday).

Free old greeting cards! Use for crafts!