ISO an individual(s) who wants to help build up Membership Services

My first main goal from the beginning was to focus on creating a group that serves as a central point of communication for members and non-members regarding questions about a committee, with a later goal to expand. Now that tour guide training documentation is just about done, I’d like to start looking forward. While there’s some possibility within the next line of BOD/President succession that this role could dissolve, I’d really like for it not to as it would provide value to the organization as time goes on.

The goal of this group is to help become a point of communication for general questions to internal and external DMS members. Want to know what you need to do to get training on a thing? We would be the people to ask. Not honestly sure who to ask questions of? Ideally we help point you in the right direction. With that in mind, since there’s really no processes and controls in place for when things change (other than hunting it down on the Wiki which may or may not always be updated), I’d like to work to fix that. This means part of the role/responsibility would be helping establish what we can do in order to help chairs help members and/or future members. I’m looking for someone who doesn’t care much about the DMS politics but wants to help me see this through. Would need to be able to meet in person 1-2x a month with mostly online communication. Extra brownie points for someone who has any sort of technical writing expertise.

My ideas aren’t always the best ideas, but my expectation of someone assisting is that if you challenge my ideas (which I’m more than open to), there’s possibility we may need to meet in middle/compromise. While I love people who always have endless ideas, in this role we need to be able to have a deliverable, not bounce around ideas and nothing come to fruition. Due to the size of DMS and funding, some things aren’t always feasible.

If you’re interested or have questions, please feel free to reach out on this thread, via PM, or [email protected]

EDIT: Giving approximately 1 week for all individuals to express their interest and will go from there regarding selection/good fit.


I don’t know if I am the right person for the job but I have been a bit frustrated when looking for information myself. I think this is something I could do if you do not find anybody better suited.



If you think this is something you would like to assist with, I’d be happy to consider you! The intention is to determine all parties interested and from there I will discuss and send out some questions to help determine those that can commit and are a good fit. The goal would be to select multiple individuals, not just one, to help split up tasks and get things done :muscle:

I’d like to contribute.


Thank you for reaching out to membership with this idea and your willingness and focus to follow it thru for the betterment of DMS.

I do not have the computer or tech skills to volunteer and help here. Wish I did.

I hope others reach out to you.
This is a good thing.


I’m interested in helping out with this in any way that I can.


I would be interested in assisting. Thank you.

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Thank you all that have expressed interest so far! I edited post yesterday that I want to give a week for people to respond and then we’ll be in touch again shortly after that : )


Bump before I start reaching out to everyone!

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I’m still interested :grinning:

If anyone else is interested and you haven’t received a message from me asking for your email, please PM/DM me. TIA!