Is there interest in a Class?


I started streaming on 10/5/18. I hit Twitch affiliate in 4 weeks, and I now have 176 continued paid subscribers per month. Nov 24-Dec 24, I obtained an average of 9.36666 paid subscribers per day.

My Oct - Dec stats are here:




Does anyone want a weekly class where I go over streaming hardware / setting up your twitch software / twitch business strategies / advertising / networking / identifying your twitch brand and niche / etc?

I do this full time and I am always researching / improving my stream. I would like to teach others how to do it as well.


I may be interested. No current plans to stream but it would be cool to hear the info


I’d be interested.


I’m interested. Could you explain what you’re talking about, though? I goto the url and get a Pokemon marathon.


It’s a streaming platform. Anything from video games to ceramics to Bob Ross marathons.


Thanks, Steve.

So Chris Stark is talking about being a website affiliate marketer?



Think of it more like creating Youtube (or other video hosting platform) videos, but live with interaction from the viewers. Twitch is just the platform that hosts your live video streams and makes it easier for people to find you.

You are essentially marketing yourself and the content you create.


Will this class include personality lessons or is that more of a Premium membership feature




Interested too


Sure it’s gamer (sort of) but how is this anything maker related?


I just love teaching and sharing knowledge. Do you have the DMS approved list of Maker related / unrelated topics?


There have been classes on Etsy and Gimp Game Creation, for example. Put up the class and if it is inappropriate it will be rejected. If there is insufficient interest you won’t get your three registrants needed to get paid. However, I am confident of your success! Let me know if you need help submitting the class. I helped my wife submit her wine-tasting class and it is a go for later today with six students.


I used to teach a weekly acting class that grew every week until it became sold out. Acting. How is that maker related? How is anything maker related? It’s not. Why anyone would want to limit learning in a $30-50/month SCHOOL is beyond me.

With words like these:

“how is this anything maker related?”
“Will this class include personality lessons or is that more of a Premium membership feature”

Why waste the gas?


I was making the joke more based on the plentiful abundance of Twitch gamer streamers that are not very entertaining.

I can definitely see the class as being maker related. I know plenty of twitch streamers that:

  1. do green screen back drops (digital media lab)
  2. hook up custom voice effects / sound boards (also digital media lab)
  3. 3d print / fabricate custom headphone shells with cat ears / overwatch headsets/ etc
  4. sew cosplay that they wear on the twitch stream.
  5. program scripts and layouts to help them automate some aspects of it.
    etc etc


Please post here if you decide to take schedule the class. Unless there is a schedule conflict I can’t work around I will attend with my son.


i’m interested:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


Bea! You’d get special treatment, you make the BEST ALBUM ART! :smiley:


An interesting point. The abundance of streamers are not very entertaining, just like the abundance of the world is not successful / wealthy / healthy / etc.

“Will this class include personality lessons or is that more of a Premium membership feature”

And only because you ASKED for it, here’s your first personality lesson, no premium membership required:

If it was me, I would focus on the top 1% of streamers, and / or focus on the successes instead of the failures.



obviously i need some tequila and lime with all this salt i contain :laughing:

i hope the thread engagement gets you the class attendance you deserve. best of luck!

I lack the free time to actually follow through with attending and fufilling this class but hopefully my comment on maker related crossovers have provided some more ideas for anyone taking this class.