Is there an easy way to get a car on dollies

A retired friend of mine in Iowa asked me if I knew of an easy way to get a car onto dollies, I don’t have a clue how this is done but obviously couldn’t let him know that. Im guessing some sort of air operated jack. Can anyone offer advice? Thanks

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Without a wench or vehicle running, time proven method is cold beer to lure willing volunteers to push.


It really depends on the current state of the vehicle and it’s location. Fully aired tires holding air in a paved garage is one thing. Sitting in a field for 15 years is another.

First get the vehicle to a stable location, then get it in the air the best way possible. For example, if its in the field and you can drag it onto a path, thats better.

Get a cheap set of wheels on it that hold air will make everything easier.

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I’ve used ratchet straps to pull cars on to car dolly’s before. Its not ideal but doable

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I think it is a triumph TR3. In his garage. Not why he uses dollies, might be a storage issue to get it in his shop over the long iowa winter

I’m unsure - are you talking about car dollies, which are individual metal “buckets” that have casters on them, usually for rolling around a very smooth shop floor? For that, all you need is a jack.

Or if you’re talking about a trailer to tow it with, you can get a comealong for about $25 at your local Chinese-made-tool-supplier.


I’m guessing getting down low to get a jack positioned is a challenge, hopefully we will all live long enough to have that problem.

if that is the case, perhaps investing a few extra bux into “GoJax” might be helpful. Kind of a jack/dolly in one (well, 4).

There are also hydraulic versions…


Awesome solution, I’ll pass it on.

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I’d suggest a trip to Bay Cargo.