Is there a heat gun anywhere?

I need a heat gun to tint my windows and really don’t want to dig mine or if storage. I don’t think auto has one only possibly another group might have one?

ELab has a DeWalt
It usually resides on the shelves behind the black roll around toolbox - top shelf in black/yellow box.
Your are welcome to use - plz make sure you return it!

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Thank you!

CA also has one, but its location is up in the air due to the move.

The heat gun before the move in Creative Arts had a very clearly labelled “This is the home for the heat gun” and be sure to return it. Elab tends to not like people outside that dept using their heatgun because they keep getting legs and walking away. I ended up just buying my own heat gun for $14 so i’d always know where it is.

of course i used it twice and now i’m out of projects for it.