Is the Resin SIG Currently Active?

If folks are actively making ‘objects d’art’ using resin, I’d be very interested in seeing what people have been making throughout the pandemic.

If the Resin SIG is inactive of late, I’m happy to schedule a few Resin tool certification classes (pressure pot, vacuum chamber), and perhaps an HDPE mold making class and/or resin blank casting class once I get that 3rd vaccination booster shot in late Sept./early Oct.




I haven’t seem much from the sig either, but like you might be interested in doing a project class or 2 after the booster. Do we still have any DMS owned Resin? If not I do have enough to use in classes for the projects and could work on that accordingly.


Paging @Team_Creative_Arts

Anybody know the CA Resin Instructor supplies situation? Tool viability, and the supply of Alumilite resin?

I’m pretty sure there is some in the resin cabinet. It’s viability or how much exactly I’m not sure.


Thanks. I’m sure either @Lordrook or I can check out the supplies, but if the cabinet’s locked, we’ll need the code.

The generic resin cabinet isn’t locked. I don’t know if ya’ll have more supplies in either of the teacher cabinets.

I miss your classes, so I hope you can start them up again soon. :crossed_fingers:

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I would assume that $200 bottles of Alumilite are likely locked up.

no they are kept in the unlocked cabinet

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Hmm…I’m hearing conflicting reports on that.

last i saw they where in the bottom of the resin cabinet with a note saying class only


Last time @Sam_Violett was requesting supplies, I got gallons of alumilite A/B and cactus juice. I put them in the bottom of one of the teacher cabinets. I haven’t looked lately to see if the seals are even cracked.


I haven’t held a class yet due to having to be in San Antonio. I am back now and will be scheduling some classes soon.