Is the DMS Robot Combat going to happen?

I’m gaining interest, but was wondering if there are specs or rules or that stuff yet? I haven’t been able to make it to any meeting yet. And probably won’t make the August one if it is on the first weekend because I’ll be out of town.

aka thetazzbot

@Corey_Morris can probably update you. We have been trying to put a team together to apply for Battlebots season 3.

We are working on am arena design, so far using industrial steel shelving. I think we’ll have to get a sponsor or donation for the polycarbonate for the walls.

I think once we flush out the arena design and rule set, I’m totally willing to build an ant weight/beetle weight.

The arena could also be used for robotics competitions such as ball tossers etc.

I’d be willing to pitch in as well any way i can.

Might have to limit the bots though, because bulletproof poly-carbonate is very expensive…

We are working on acquiring the materials, but yes, polycarb is pretty pricey.
The plan is for an 8’x8’ to run 3lb and maybe 1lb bots with pretty standard rules.
Mark is putting together a group for battlebots, but that’s somewhat separate from our group as I just want to focus on the local stuff for now.
I think we can get enough donations for the polycarb once we get the arena frame together, the frame will probably only cost about $250-500 depending on how many shelf sections we use (2 together or 1 cut and stretched).

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Where would the arena live?

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I doubt we could get storage at the space, I may have to keep it in my garage for a bit.

8x8 by how high? I mean, to protect humans the sides would have to be pretty tall…

the floor will be 30" off the ground, with 6" of steel skirt, then 48" of Lexan. the top will be wood or steel.

so the entire combat area will be 8’x8’x54"