Is project storage back?

Hi don’t see anything pinned on the message board about it and I saw a paper about project storage near the wood shop. Is project storage available again?

not currently no

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No. There is a proposal in front of the Board tonight for relaxing the mask requirements but as part of that the Board proposes to keep project storage closed for now.

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Aww man I’ve been waiting 2 months to build my table I just need 3 days of storage since I don’t have a truck🤧. Honestly I can’t do most of the work I want to do without at least a day or two of storage. Is there any guess on when it might come back?

Sounds like you need to make some friends with a Truck. I’ll be honest, it’s one of my criteria for new friends. Does this person have a Truck that I can use from time to time lol.

Seriously though, it’s not too expensive to rent one from Home Depot or ask a friend.


Yeah I’m renting one to get the wood to the space and to get the final project home but it would be pretty expensive to rent one for three or four complete days

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Budget has had some good deals on renting Tacoma’s If you need one for a few days

Sounds like it’s time for that perennial bumper sticker…


See, this is why we’re not friends!

/s obviously.


Appreciate the tip but I checked and unfortunately since I’m 23 the cheapest rental I can get is about $60 a day and the project as a whole is $200 so I don’t have the extra $300 in the budget for a truck😅

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I thought you were referring to this one:


I think U-Haul rents pickup trucks by the hour / partial day. HomeDepot flatbed truck is like $20 for the first 75 minutes.

Yeah that’s the plan but I live an hour away and I work 6 days a week so it would be 3 to 4 days of coming in around my work time to finish it and if I can’t leave the wood there I would need a constant truck for when I am able to come. So the goal is to rent a truck to get the wood there and another to get the table home.

I need that bumper sticker. Having a truck with a liftgate I can totally relate. I get asked by everyone, even total strangers all the time to move stuff. Cannot go to Lowes, Home Depot or any other big box store like Nebraska Furniture Mart without someone asking if I can haul something they bought and won’t fit on or in their car…

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An UberLift truck!